Researching Eugenics at UCL: Advice from Experts in Archives and Records

By | December 12, 2021
Conversation about Rare Books and Archives on Eugenics at UCL

What archive materials related to Eugenics does UCL hold? Where can these be found? What is open for inspection? Which parts of UCL collections are digitised? How does UCL’s ‘Galton Papers’ differ from the digitised Galton material available online through the Wellcome Collection?

I’ve spent the past two years researching the history and legacy of eugenics at UCL. In this video, I am in conversation with some of the specialists from UCL Special Collections who are experts on answering research questions in this area. They are:

  • Ms Erika Delbecque, Head of Rare Books
  • Ms Katy Makin, Archivist
    (Katy was also responsible for cataloguing the bulk of the material relating to eugenics at UCL)
  • Mr Colin Penman, Head of UCL Records Office

We discuss collections held at UCL relating to eugenics in each of the areas they oversee.

You can find our UCL Archives catalogue here and explore our Digital Collections here.

To find the Galton Laboratory Books in our Catalogues at UCL, visit our Explore Catalogue, and search using the string GALTONLABORATORY. Choose ‘Special Collections’ from the Library option to narrow down results.

In conversation with archive experts from UCL Special Collections